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Rune Wines is an off-grid winery and tasting room in Sonoita, Arizona that offers visitors a unique experience that blends sustainable practices with traditional winemaking techniques. The winery was founded in 2013 by James Callahan and his wife, Megan Haller, who named the winery after the ancient Norse alphabet, runes representing mystery and knowledge.

One of the main features of Rune Wines is their commitment to sustainability. They rely on solar power and rainwater harvesting to power their operations, making them the only solar-powered and off-grid tasting room and vineyard in Arizona. In addition to using renewable energy sources, the winery also practices sustainable farming techniques.

Rune Wines takes pride in their vision to celebrate the story of wine, terroir, and each unique vineyard site they work with. They believe that each wine they produce has its own character and story, and this belief is reflected in their winemaking process. The winery sources their grapes from local vineyards, as well as from their own estate vineyards, and uses traditional winemaking techniques to produce a variety of wines, including reds, whites, and rosés.

What sets Rune Wines apart from other wineries is their focus on storytelling. Each bottle of wine they produce tells a unique story, reflecting the terroir and the winemaking process. This emphasis on storytelling is reflected in the winery’s tasting room, where visitors can learn about the history of the winery and the stories behind each wine. The tasting room has an indoor space, but tastings are primarily outside with beautiful views and tables and chairs under a shaded patio, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the Arizona weather.

Rune offers sandwiches, small plates, charcuterie, and even ice cream! They host several events throughout the year, with the availability to book private events. In the warmer months, they offer an outstanding Spring Special- pick a bottle of wine plus two food items and provide a blanket and picnic basket so you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Rune Wines is a unique winery that offers visitors a sustainable and authentic winemaking experience. Their commitment to renewable energy and sustainable farming practices and their emphasis on storytelling make them a must-visit destination for wine lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. The winery’s focus on celebrating the story of wine and each unique vineyard site they work with is reflected in every bottle they produce, providing visitors with a truly special and memorable tasting experience.

Rune Wines
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