Aridus Vineyards

Aridus Vineyards

Aridus Vineyards is comprised of their winery in Willcox, Arizona and two tasting rooms, one in Scottsdale and the other less than a mile from the winery in Willcox. Winemaker Lisa Strid procures prized grapes from her home state of Arizona to New Mexico and California. She creates blends, including the essence of grapes from the ocean coast to the heart of the desert.

The Adrius Winery is generally closed to the public, but they do take reservations for tours upon special request. If you visit the Willcox winery just up the road, you can taste some of their most popular wines with their monthly wine flights. They rotate their flight options monthly.

Overall, Aridus Wine Company in Willcox, Arizona, offers a unique experience for wine lovers. With its commitment to using Arizona-grown grapes and its extensive selection of high-quality wines, the winery has become a popular destination for locals and tourists. The winery’s events, private tastings, and partnerships with local food establishments make it great for gatherings and celebrations. Whether visitors want to learn about the wine-making process or enjoy a glass of wine with friends, Aridus Wine Company is a must-visit destination in Arizona’s wine country.

Aridus Wine Company
(520) 766-9463
145 N. Railview Ave.
Willcox, AZ 85643


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